Earthenware Mugs Are Prized Items

Earthenware is a common ceramic material, and is widely used for both pottery tableware and decorative objects. The ceramic materials are formed into the desired shape and then baked in kilns. A glaze is applied both for decorative purposes and for making the porous earthenware suitable for holding liquids. Different materials are used in the glaze to produce different colors. For example, cobalt oxide gives a blue color.

The colored patterns would appear to lie under a clear coating, protecting them. Earthenware mugs are typically prized items. Earthenware Mugs Are Versatile Ceramic materials can be formed into desired shapes using different processes. The traditional potter used his hands to mould the mixture into shapes such as a mug or a jar before firing the items in a kiln.

These days mugs can be made in a much quicker fashion. The shapes into which ceramic materials can be formed are innumerable. You can have earthenware mugs that are tall, short, well rounded, tapered, tube-like, square bottomed and so on. You can also color the earthenware white, black, brown, cream, gray or any of the varied pastel or rich colors.

The finish can also be varied to create fascinating products. Company logos and promotional messages can be printed on the products using different printing methods. Printing methods like screen-printing, transfer printing and dye sublimation, can create different effects. For example; dye sublimation using organic dyes which can produce brilliant colors. Then there are special processes that can provide a tactile feel to the promotional message. Embossing, etching or 3D shapes fixed to the surface (before firing, to become an integral part of the mug on firing).

Special metallic colors can give beautiful iridescent effects. It is also possible to create a light-catching frosted effect. Many of these processes create durable results that are dishwasher and microwave oven safe. Others, such as dye sublimation, are not that hardy, and can be affected by bright lights and heat, and can become faded with repeated washing.

With all of the design possibilities you will be able to create just the kind of Earthenware mugs that you want. Earthenware Mugs Are Excellent Promotional Items In the previous section, we also saw how versatile Earthenware mugs can be. You can choose from budget earthenware mugs such as a classic plain white design with a simple logo, that the user might put to everyday use. Or perhaps choose a luxurious earthenware mug finished in brilliant colors that will take pride of place in their collection. All these factors make the earthenware mug an excellent cost effective promotional item.

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