Gaming Today

Online gaming today is at its peaks and also at its lows. Today we can have the most realistic experience and interaction amongst our friends and people we barely know. In one day we can pull the sword out of their chest, pass them the queen of spades, machine gun them down, chatter incoherently, blow away their hive queen, and then lay back and voice chat with them a while.

Technology allows for realistic gaming nowadays. But most of the time the most techno pile of shit out there is the worst to play. Games you can download for free or just play for free without a download are oftentimes more competitive and play-balanced then the Quakes and Star crafts we have nowadays.

But still I do wait for the latest greatest games just like most of the other gamers. Diablo 2 will rock is one prediction I'm givin out right now.

But as fun as those games are i can get just as much entertainment out of games like Well of Souls, Spiritwars, Archmage, MUDS, and the shitload of other free online games.

And all these games don't require the latest, greatest gaming rig ever built either. Most i can play on a p60 or less! But honestly the competitive people on the gaming wave of today must all be rich and lifeless to get that good at such a game. I'm sorry if i can't compete by only playing in my spare time.

As for the friendliness and competitive aspect we are off the charts. Games like Ultima Online and Everquest you can almost always find good people to play with (even if you do get pked most often). And there's an army of opponents for any game you choose.

For the overall state of online gaming though there is a game to suit everyones needs. Finding that game may take a while but with patience every type of gamer will be satisfied.

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