What to Give for Valentines Day

The big day is approaching! Soon you will have to figure out what she really wants for Valentine's Day. Could it be flowers, jewelry, chocolates, cars, houses. wait a minute. Let's just think about jewelry here. Fine jewelry makes a great gift, especially at Valentine's Day. The trick is to figure out what to buy.

The wrong piece won't be nearly the delight the right one will. Consider her tastes. Diamonds are by far the most popular gemstone. However there are some tricks beyond the 4 C's to buying diamonds as a gift. Probably the #1 rule is to not buy a diamond ring unless you're engaged, married or going to be popping the question. Any diamond ring can be mistaken for an engagement ring or promise ring if that's what the recipient has on her mind.

However, if you are already engaged or married a right hand diamond ring may be a wonderful choice. Diamonds go with pretty much everything. In the time I spent working in retail jewelry, I saw diamonds worn when women were dressed up or just kicking back in jeans. Diamonds are durable, and if you buy decent quality, quite beautiful. Of course, diamond earrings or pendants are also great options.

They're beautiful and great for making that special woman feel treasured. But there's more to fine jewelry than diamonds, and not all women prefer them. And that's why you have to consider her tastes and know if you're better off going with a different gemstone. There are all kinds of options to consider, depending on taste. Ladies, I'm not forgetting you. Men do enjoy jewelry too.

For them it's most often a good watch, cuff links, a money clip or even a man's ring. Men's jewelry can be a bit tricky, but it's certainly possible to find something wonderful for him. Once you're done shopping the fun part begins. figuring out how to give it to him or her. A gift is all well and good, but more important is keeping it romantic when you give it.

This doesn't have to be fancy. Even a special dinner at home can be romantic. Candles can create a wonderful atmosphere of romance, as well as a good wine and a nicely cooked meal. Or you can go out. Maybe there's a restaurant you've both been wanting to try or perhaps there's one that has special meaning to the two of you. Maybe there's a special place where a picnic would bring back some wonderful memories.

It's easy to be overly stressed about a holiday like Valentine's Day. Many people put tremendous meaning on what happens that day. Fortunately, there are ways to keep it romantic without driving yourself nuts.

Stephanie Foster shares fine jewelry Valentine's Day gift ideas. She also helps people select the right piece of fine jewelry at http://www.jewelstoremember.com/personal-shopper.php

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