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Destroy All Humans!

“Paging #136, you are requested to immediately report outside the Majestic’s office building due to it will be destroyed in approximately thirty seconds. #137 will begin the count down with or without your presence.” In case you don’t know, let me fill you in on the details of the emergency. . In Destroy All Humans!, you’ll be playing as #137, aka Crypto. Crypto has inhabited Earth to locate #136, his cloned brother. Majestic is the agency on Earth responsible for 136’s disappearance. The backdrop for the story is placed within the 1950’s and is a perfect setting for a time when alien paranoia frequently occurred.

Crypto, of course, has to accomplish other duties while on Earth besides rescuing his brother such as hypnotizing cows to dance; disguising himself as a human with his hollow bot; terrorizing pedestrians crossing the street with his terrifying appearance; or even just using the UFO to blow up anything and everything standing in his way for total destruction. Destroy All Humans! has a sand box mode so you are able to move freely and not worry about tasks. The look of the game is unique and intrigued me to give it another go after the first day at E3. I came away so impressed and hyped up for DAH!, that I will be among the first to buy it later this month.

Being an alien, you can’t just walk freely around the streets. You’ll want to find someone’s body to use as a hollow bot. You can switch between your hollow bot and your normal alien persona quickly with the simple press of a button. NPCs, (non-playable characters) of course, won’t interact with you in the normal way if you walk up to them without the disguise of your hollow bot. Being an alien, you’ll have powers to your advantage such as being able to read other characters’ thoughts and emotions.

There is an Alert meter to allow Crypto to know of the situations around him as humans become more aware of his shadiness. Same as with GTA, there are several different organizations that will arrive at the scene of the crime to stop you from accomplishing your goals as an alien. First will be the civilians that will fight back but usually just end up running away, then the police will arrive with their guns ready to fire and after that there will be the military hoping to use everything they have to stop Crypto in his tracks. Oh yeah, can’t forget that the Majestic are the highest form of authority in the game so they will arrive last and will be a bigger challenge for Crypto to overcome.

My personal thoughts on the game include that it’s going to be one wild ride to play through from beginning to end. I hope that it doesn’t get as boring as Mercenaries did for many since it followed the same path GTA did with open-ended gameplay. Destroy All Humans! does have the intrigue factor going for it and did look visually presentable for an Xbox game. If the 1950’s are captured perfectly, this will be added to my collection as I love games that can present different eras correctly and have an involving storyline.

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